Play 1 Hour Free Casinos


There are many different Casino promotions available on the internet. You have free spins or chips, Match bonuses, coupon codes and many more. Did you know there are also online casinos, which offer a free play bonus.

This means that you get free credits and one whole hour to win as much money as you can. At least this is what you think and what the casinos say. But you also must understand this is not all true.

If you check the T&C carefully you’ll see that only a certain amount is available for transfer. This also requires a small deposit to verify the account and has a wagering requirement.

So if you like to give such an offer a go always make sure you understand the rules. At the end of the day, such promotions must be seen as a big match bonus.

On this page, I created a small list of online casinos which offer a free play bonus. They are wonderful to give the casino a test drive and are for new players only. So if you do not have an account yet, make sure to give these offers a go.

How do they work?

Easy! All you need to do is visit the website by clicking the links and download the software.

After installing and filling in your details you are ready to login for the first time. After logging in, you’ll see a popup screen of welcome message telling you that your free play offer is ready to be claimed.

Simply accept the offer and you will be redirected to a mini version of the casino (this is not always). You’ll now have free credits in your account and a clock which starts ticking the moment you start playing.

You do not have to hurry because you can log in and log out any time you want. If you log out the clock stops ticking, so you don’t lose all your precious minutes.

If you are don’t playing or your time has run out you can transfer a certain amount of your winnings into your real player account.

As said, this requires a minimum deposit in order to verify your account. Once you made the wagering requirements you are welcome to cash out any amount. But make to check the T&C before you start playing or your winnings forfeit.

Once again, don’t be afraid to play with such a 1hour promotion as they are very entertaining.

Just make sure you understand how they work and you are good to go.

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